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Success Rate

Every couple who want to undergo IVF treatment wants to know the success rate of IVF at every IVF centre.

However, there is no fixed criteria which defines the success rate. The success rate of IVF cycle depends on a number of factors: –

a) Woman’s age- The lesser the age of woman, better is the quality of eggs and chances of success of IVF is also high. IVF is more successful in terms of live birth rate in women who are young (i.e. < 30 years of age)

b) Number of embryos transferred- More is the number of embryos that are transferred, more is the success rate of that IVF cycle. In Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, we never transfer more than 2 blastocysts or 3 Day 2/3/4 embryos.

c) Fresh Embryo Transfer or Frozen Embryo Transfer – The Success Rate of IVF is almost same at our centre whether the embryos are transferred in same cycle in which IVF is done (which is called Fresh Embryo Transfer) or they are frozen and then thawed and transferred.

d) Other procedures involved – The effectiveness of artificial reproductive techniques varies and depends on the technique chosen i.e. whether IVF / ICSI is done.

At Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, we most often measure IVF success rate as clinical pregnancies (i.e. a pregnancy confirmed by a blood test and ultrasound scan usually at around 6-8 weeks) per embryo transfer. All pregnancies do not lead to a successful live birth as many pregnancies end up with abortions or pre-term deliveries.

We report our Success Rates per embryo transfer so that the parents get a more realistic and overview of our success rate following each individual embryo transfer.

At Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, we are proud of the success rates that we are achieving for our patients.

Patient’s individual factors also play a major role in the success of IVF. The best way to understand the likelihood of success of IVF for you and your partner is to consult one of our fertility specialists. Your proper history and past treatment records with other doctors help the fertility specialists to develop the most suitable treatment plan for you resulting in successful IVF.

At Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, we believe that healthy, live births are the true gauge of the success of fertility treatment.

Miracles IVF & Fertility Clinic is known for its ethical and international standard fertility treatment. With experienced fertility specialists, we have been able to maintain a consistently high success rate and this made us the most preferred fertility clinic in Gurgaon for childless couples.
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